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Collection - CHANEL


    We all know that the word "MATELASSE" is of CHANEL and its a very icon model made by Gabrielle Chanel with quilted leather. There was only handbags first but CHANEL added chain to set both hands free when going out. Black lambskin 2.25 MATELASSE should be the one as a first CHANEL bag.

  • ICON

    Iconic collection with fun such as "5" of No.5, Camellias and logo "COCO" embossed in.


    Karl Lagerfeld has designed a very new and authentic design of bag at 2011 Fall/Winter as the Boy Collection; BOY CHANEL. Inspired by a cartridge bag that was made for hunters as a shoulder or cross-body bag with chain. He states that "CHANEL had this attitude, it's the very spirit of Chanel. She"d picked it up from Bpy Capel, the great love of her lfe... indeed, the bag's called BOY CHANEL".


    CHAIN WALLET (aka WOC) is one of the classic and popular model at CHANEL and it can be easy to bring out to anywhere such party if you hide the chain inside. It's not too small than its shape; a lipstick, coins, paper bills, cards and even a phone could be fitted in. Another reason why people love this CHAIN WALLET would be its price. Half price of its classic flap bag!


    It's literally "classic" and "timelessly" popular in the world (almost forever!). Its original was created essential tote, executive tote and 2.55 in 1920s by Gabrielle Chanel and re-designed in 1980, but been changing slightly every year. ex.) The Chanel Classic Flap Bag switched from being a single flap design to a double flap in the year 2011.


    Made of cotton and has variety in its shapes; chain bags. canvas totes, clutches and backpacks. Not as leather, you could use each color depends on occasions such as school, mother's and office.


    Same as TRAVEL, CHANEL made another world toward athletes: SPORTS in 2000. It's also called "Snow line" and wealth in the variety of winter sportwear such as skiing. Water-proof and high-durability are guarunteed well and much affordable then other collections since it's made of no-leather.

  • J12

    The next CHANEL watch from PREMIERE, J12. A very high-end watch but the body is very hard by ceramic with unique design. Its original is black in 2000, but white is the most popular since it debuted in 2003, and some couples have the pair of white & black.


    The first fashion watch at CHANEL: PREMIERE. Its shape has no change since the original but added with some diamonds, and vintage is also loved by CHANEL collectors.


    "Be Mademoiselle" is the most expression of Gabrielle Chanel, and not too much show CHANEL as MATELASSE but there is a mademoiselle taste in Coco Chanel way by white stripes with CC logo chain dropping from the bag.


    Inspired by the shape of No.5 perfume bottle stopper and Place Vendôme, and Karl Lagerfeld created his new CHANEL world into the latest watch design; BOY FRIEND. Its strap is made of alligator which make look high end.


    Fluffy like down jacket but leather quilted into a bag. CHANEL has also released COCO COCOON with nylon which is very rare in their history, but from that, they succeeded to obtain more fan especially from mothers because it's easier to maintain than leather's and they could carry out to anywhere without worrying.


    CHANEL explored their world for travelers and debuted TRAVEL in 1999. Its made of nylon into boston bags, luggages and hip bags (belt bags) for the lighter weight.


    It's quite a new model at CHANEL, CAMBON, is CC logo in the side as the statement. its was from the street name side of Gabrielle Chanel's original hat boutique "CHANEL MODE" (now it's their head office) started in 1910.

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