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  • Kelly

    Originally named "Sac a depeche", Hermes renenamed it to "Kelly" after Grace Kelley, Princess of Monaco, who often wore the bag. After the rename, the "Kelly bag" became famous worldwide thanks to the Princess and became popular among many people including celebrities.

  • Silk In

    The exterior of the Silk-In is very simple with no patterns to further emphasize the bold and fun patterns of the interior silk. Not only is the design very 'Hermes' with the clean design on the outside, the Silk-In also offers a suprise element on the inside.

  • Bearn

    The Bearn is loved by many as a class out of Hermes' wallet collections. The shape is very simple and features a buckle with the Hermes "H". This model is popular among both men and women.

  • Collier de Chien

    An iconic Hermes bracelet. Inspired by dog collars, the design which features pyramid studs and dangling rings have been loved by many since its introduction. The most popular color of Collier de Chien is the classic shade for leather, Noir (black).

  • Bolide

    Introduced in 1923 as the world's first handbag with a zipper. Inspired by a zipper cover for bicycles, the CEO of Hermes at the time created a handbag with a feminine body. Available in 7 sizes that can be enjoyed at differnet moments in life by combining various colors.

  • Bastia

    A simple coin case made of single layer of leather. Designed to be compact and easy-to-use, a size that can fit in pockets makes it a popular item.

  • Birkin

    An iconic Hermes handbag. Every woman dreams of holding what is also known as the "It Bag". The piece is named after the British actress Jane Birkin, whom the CEO of Hermes in 1984 was seated next on an airplane. After watching her stuff everything into her wicker basket tote, he promised her to create a handbag that can hold any and every item and the rest is history.

  • Evelyne

    A highly popular bag for being easy-to-carry and casual, Evelyne borrowed its name from a former director of horse-riding equipment, Evelyne Beltran. The model has a balance of design and function with the punctured holes in the shape of an oval and "H" that act as air vents.

  • Garden Party

    Originally intented to store gardening equipment, Garden Party provides excellent storage. The round femine shape is also popular especially among women. From a twist in design of the interior pockets to presence of exterior pockets, Garden Party is definitely a seemigly "Hermes" bag.


    To celebrate the birth of the bag and his own daughter, the designer of the model named it after her, Constance. The bag is famous as the bag that Jacqueline Keneddy, wife of J.F. Kennedy, loved. A timeless silouhette with elegance that is suitable for The First Lady, Constance is perfect for special occasiosn and parties.

  • Calvi

    This petite card case is crafted out of fine epsom calf leather. Designed to store business cards or an ID card and a few credit cards, the interior snap opens up to two envelope pockets. This is an excellent professional wallet for everyday affairs, with the look of luxury and sophistication from Hermes!

  • Dogon

    Not be fooled by its compact size and slim body, the Dogon wallets has excellent storage. Its popularity is due to the storage function, rare design not seem in other Hermes wallets and the abundant color variation. The beautiful, elegant leather that Hermes is famous for gives the Dogon a refined and polished look that is popular among both men and women.

  • Picotin

    "Picotin" originally means a bag for storing food for horses. It was just like a totebag- excellent storage and easy-to-carry. Hermes' Picotin is the new and improved version of the original.

  • Aline

    Made of 100% cotton natural toile canvas, the Aline is soft-to-the-touch shoulder bag. Its Barenia leather straps age like wine and silkscreen print that looks stamped match perfectly with the cotton material.

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