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Top Designer Handbags for the Spring

A lot may have changed in the past year, but something that has remained the same? A new season means new designer trends. Spring always seems to bring a certain level of joy, and with longer days and higher temperatures, it’s not hard to guess why. And the handbags for this spring have no shortage of fun. Keep reading to learn what designer handbag styles you should introduce to your wardrobe this season.

Go Big...

A handbag to carry your laptop? Check. Your makeup bag? Check. An extra pair of shoes—maybe even two? Ok, maybe these large designer handbags can’t quite carry unlimited pairs of shoes but they can carry a lot. Across a variety of designer shows this spring, we saw not just big totes but absolutely massive totes. From Khaite to Acne to Jil Sander, bags were super-sized. Some were slouchy, some were structured, but all were large. Maybe this came from a desire for days that can all be spent outside and on the go. Whatever the inspiration, one thing’s for sure: these tremendous totes have room for whatever you want and need to carry. The perfect handbag for long spring days.

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...Or Go Small

We may not have seen Gucci’s 2021 collection on the runway, but seeing these new designer shoes in a lookbook didn’t make them any less fun. Among the shoe trends in this new collection were: heeled mules, fisherman sandals, and metallic heels. Tying many of the designer shoes together? Gucci’s classic horse-bit detailing. A nd, we’d be remiss not to mention the colorful sneakers in the spring 2021 collection, highlighting that the sneaker shoe trend is here to stay.

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All Kinds of Woven

This spring handbag trend is not specific to one material: straw, rattan, leather, ropes—anything goes. Woven handbags were seen at many designer shows for the upcoming season. Longchamp traded its ever-popular nylon for a netted tote. While Bottega Veneta, a designer infamous for oversized braided leather, sent oversized netted leather down the runway. Netted designer handbags may make you think farmers market and grocery runs, but it’s impossible to see a structured rattan bag and think anything other than picnic. And spring is the perfect time for those, too. Jaquemus showcased rattan handbags perfect for the warmer months and spring picnics. The last standout in the woven handbag trend? Straw, seen at Fendi and The Row. Straw handbags will always be a classic for the spring—and this year straw handbags are both a classic and a trend.

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Playing with Color

Bright, bold bags for the spring. If all of the different colored designer shoes coming down Prada’s runway were any indication, designers want to play with color. So we should, too. Many of the brightly colored bags were solid: think vibrant greens, oranges, and purples. Versace and Chloe both showcased bags that were bright and bold. And, as seen on the Balmain and Fendi runways, there was even the occasional neon. So why not pick your favorite color—and then find the perfect handbag in that shade for this spring?

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