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Discover CHANEL’s Fall-Winter 2022/23 Collection

Discover CHANEL’s Fall-Winter 2022/23 Collection
If you had any expectations for CHANEL’s FW collection—erase them. Most would expect to see traditional dark shades and basic silhouettes, but this latest release is leaving us with a major (positive) surprise. Although you’ll still find the brand’s iconic black, you’ll be met with a world of exciting pops of color. Better yet, these fun hues are also met with Chanel’s love of textures, delivering the market endless pieces in textiles such as tweed, leather, satin, and more. There’s simply no other comparable collection that’ll make a long lasting impression these upcoming fall-to-winter months—this one takes the cake.


While you’ll still find traditional sweaters, cardigans, and trousers, don’t be fooled. Among CHANEL’s classic F/W pieces, you’ll find more trendy versions to adore. From wool bandeaus to cropped cardigans, enhancing your traditional F/W clothing is a breeze with this collection. Pairing together a one-of-a-kind ensemble isn’t much of a challenge with these unique pieces.

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Textures aren’t only reserved for clothing in this collection. When it comes to CHANEL’s latest handbags, there’s quite a lot in store. With tweed, leather, quilt and more to adore, there are certainly no limits when it comes to styling these options. There are simply too many unique, on-off pieces to not find at least one that has caught your eye—they’re all just too good.

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The fall season has always been traditionally known for praising all things boots and booties—but what about all of the other styles of footwear? Luckily for the market, CHANEL understands that we all have different needs, including for different climates. Whether you’re in search of boots, sneakers, or even sandals in the coming months, you’ll surely find them.

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If you haven’t snagged a new outfit, pair of shoes, or handbag yet, then you at least need to own one of CHANEL’s F/W accessories. Whether it’s a new wallet to match an existing bag of yours or an eye-catching jewelry piece, this brand knows exactly just what we all need. Sometimes the smallest details make an entire ensemble, and these certainly do.

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