Spotting a Fake YSL Bag: 6 Tips to Help You Tell the Difference

Spotting a Fake YSL Bag: 6 Tips to Help You Tell the Difference
The YSL logo has swept the fashion world over the last twenty years, embellished upon handbags, lipsticks, and clothing items worn by celebrities and trend setters across the globe. Purchasing a Yves Saint Laurent piece has become synonymous with buying luxury, their focus on quality craftsmanship setting the brand far above competitors of the past.

Real or Fake YSL : How to Spot the Difference

The YSL handbag has especially grown in popularity in recent years, leading to a spike in the creation of knockoff and inauthentic copies. Innovations in technology have allowed for these knockoffs to become more and more realistic, making it all the more important for buyers to check the authenticity of their potential purchases before actually making a transaction. If you’re hoping to add a new purse to your collection, take a moment to read further about how to spot the difference between high quality and a cheap copy.

Dust Bag

Before you even look at your new purchase, take a moment to examine the dust bag it should come in. YSL dust bags generally come in black or dark brown with thin white lettering depicting the YSL logo. The material should have a soft luxurious feel with a drawstring closure. Any bag that has a larger logo, a polyester feeling fabric, or unusual coloring, could be signs of an inauthentic purchase, especially if bought from a third party vendor.


The quality of your handbag’s stitching is similarly a great marker to watch out for when determining authenticity. Look for any skipped or loose stitches and keep an eye out for thread that looks too bulky. All of these can be signs of poorly made replicas. YSL bag stitching should be straight and close together, with thin thread blending into the fabric or leather.

Magnetic Closures

The magnetic closure connecting your handbag’s outside flap and body should not have any lettering on it besides the YSL logo. Any lettering outside of this, a closure made of plastic, or a closure that is poorly attached could be a sign that you have not purchased an authentic piece.

Inside Label

Most Yves Saint Laurent handbags contain an inside label embossed with the YSL logo. This label can tell alot about your bag’s authenticity. Look closely at the stitching surrounding the label for the previously mentioned signs of stitching errors. This label should also be pressed into the leather, not simply stamped on, and should look thin, straight, and not too shiny.

Chain Quality

If your YSL handbag comes with a chain, take notice of its finish, shape, and weight. Chains on YSL purses are curved in shape with flat faces and small links. These chains should also contain a metal connector with an engraved YSL logo. These chains should not feel hollow and should not contain connectivity errors or large imperfections. If they are too shiny or feel too light, your chain could be made of a cheaper metal or plastic with a metallic finish, further signifying an inauthentic piece.

The YSL Logo

There are many details of the YSL Logo on the front of your handbag that can signify a knockoff piece. In this logo the Y, S, and L letters are stacked on top of each other in that specific order. The Y should have a left arm that is slightly thicker than the right with the S going over the left arm of the Y, under the right, and under the bottom leg. The S letter similarly goes over and under the leg of the L, wrapping around to join all three letters together. Any hardware that is not set up in this way is inauthentic to the brand. This hardware should also appear thick, and high-quality, without the appearance of any glue around it. Many purse models also contain four small nails in the corners of the logo, although newer styles don’t always incorporate this detail. Any bags with logos that do not contain some if not all of these qualities should be avoided.

Further Tips for Avoiding Fake YSL Bags

If you have a piece in mind that you want to buy from a third party seller, take a moment to browse YSL’s website and to examine the authentic piece’s details. With more knowledge of what your purchase should look like, it can be harder for inauthentic sellers to trick you into buying knock off pieces. Another way to ensure your satisfaction is to only buy from sellers that specifically authenticate their pieces. This way guarantees you have a strong line of defense against any inauthentic purchase.

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