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What Are the Best Swimwear Brands?

When it comes to finding the best swimsuit brand, it’s all about what makes you feel your best by the beach or the pool—and we happen to know a few designer bathing suit brands that can do just that. Keep reading to learn what the best swimwear brands are and see available designs that can take your vacation look to the next level.

What Are the Best Swimwear Brands?

Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Fendi are the best luxury swimwear brands. For the best sporty (but still luxe) swimwear brand, look no further than Calvin Klein. All these brands offer a variety of high-end styles to suit your taste and swimwear needs, whether you’re lounging by the pool or beach.

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Louis Vuitton Swimwear

Even those new to the world of luxury fashion can recognize Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram—which is what makes their luxury swimwear so unique. Not only does it feature the classic LV stamped across a wide variety of their bags, but it also does so in an unexpected way: with color. While there are plenty of monochromatic and neutral iterations, we think if you’re going to make a statement in Louis Vuitton swimwear, you might as well go bold.

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Christian Dior Swimwear

Where Louis Vuitton goes luxe, Dior goes ladylike in its swimwear. We particularly like Dior’s toile-print two-piece, which is reminiscent of beautiful prints from the past. And just because it has a touch of the classic doesn’t mean this luxury swimwear is boring: if you look closely, the print isn’t floral or botanical but wildlife creatures. There’s a reason we think Dior is one of the best swimwear brands today.

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Fendi Swimwear

Y2K trends are back in rotation, and nothing quite says 2000s glam like Fendi. It’s why their swimsuit designs have made our list of the best swimwear brands. There’s something equally nostalgic and modern to be found in this graphic one-piece, complete with the Fendi logo.

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Calvin Klein Swimwear

Many women would agree that Calvin Klein makes some of the best casual intimates—and we happen to think the brand makes some of the best sporty swimwear, too. Get the look of Calvin Klein’s classic bralette and underwear with logo bands in a water-friendly swimsuit version.

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Men’s Swimwear

While women may have a few more options to work with when it comes to swimwear (especially if they decide to mix and match two pieces), there’s no shortage of styles for men. Start with a luxe pair of swim shorts—most of these top swimwear brands design pieces for men, too—and build your look around them. Maybe your vibe is laidback but luxe streetwear, so you top off your Louis Vuitton look with a designer bucket hat. Or maybe you’re classic and sporty, so you match Nike swim shorts with a crossbody belt bag.

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Best Swimwear Accessories

The best swimwear looks aren’t just about the swimsuit. Make sure you consider your accessories as much as your swimwear styles. While head-to-toe matching with one brand (like Louis Vuitton) will always be a bold statement, mixing and matching with any of these best swimwear brands is sure to turn a few heads. For a full luxe swimwear look, make sure you have the essentials covered: sandals, beach bag, hat, and a cover-up.

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