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How to Wash Swimsuits: Designer Swimsuit Edition

We all love a little luxury—which is why Buyma offers the best designer swimsuit brands for you to choose from. But we also know that if you’re going to invest in a swimsuit (or maybe even several!), it’s important to take proper care of it so it lasts as long as you want to wear it. That’s why we’ve put together a post with helpful tips and tricks that tells you how to wash swimsuits—including your most prized designer pieces. Keep reading to learn how to wash your designer swimsuits.
How to wash your swimsuit will depend on the washing methods you have access to—by hand or by machine. Most care labels will recommend washing your swimsuit by hand as it is the gentler option. We recommend following the care label within your swimsuit and treating your swimsuit in the same way that you would treat your delicate clothing. So to wash your swimsuit, you’ll want to use a mild detergent, a gentle cycle (with a delicates bag) if you choose to use a machine, and always hang to dry.

Care is Key

If you invest in a beautiful piece of designer swimwear, you want it to stand the test of time. In order for that to happen, you need to know the proper way to care for it. And when it comes to designer swimwear, the most important thing for taking care of it so it lasts longer is knowing how to wash your swimsuit. In need of a new designer piece for this summer?

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How to Wash Designer Swimsuits

Designer swimsuits are different from regular or athletic swimsuits. They’re luxurious and well-made—but they also might be a bit more delicate. For example, a Louis Vuitton swimsuit might have metal accents or hardware. That’s another reason you’d want to put the garment in a mesh delicates bag if you choose to use a washing machine—to protect both the designer swimsuit and other clothing you may be washing it with. While you don’t have to wash your swimsuit after every wear, it is recommended that you rinse or hand wash it after every time you’ve been in chlorine. The key tips you can generally follow in order to wash your designer swimsuit correctly are: 1. Always consult the care label 2. Use a mild detergent 3. Wash in cold water 4. If you’re using a machine, wash on a gentle or delicate cycle with no spin dry 5. Hang to dry

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Now that you know how to wash swimsuits and care for your designer pieces, there’s nothing holding you back. The weather’s getting warmer, which means it’s the perfect time to invest in some new luxe swimwear.
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