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Top Designer Swimwear: Where to Buy Swimsuits?

Any fashion-lover scrolling through Instagram has probably been struck with a thought similar to this: There are so many new brands and designers! Whether you’re shopping for new denim, a matching loungewear set (we’ve all been there), or new vacation clothes—where do you start? You’re looking forward to the warmer weather of spring and summer, but where to buy swimsuits? That’s where Buyma comes in. Keep reading to learn why shopping online for swimsuits is the way to go this year—and check out some of our favorite picks.

Where to Buy Swimsuits and Designer Swimwear?

While you can buy swimsuits and designer swimwear in person at traditional brick-and-mortar stores, online shopping is the way to go if you’re looking for the most variety in style, brand, size, and price. Online shopping has made buying and trying different swimsuit styles easier and more accessible to a large swath of shoppers. Plus, unlike with traditional brick-and-mortar stores, there are no hours—meaning you can shop and buy swimsuits whenever and wherever you feel like it. And Buyma has the widest collection of swimsuits and designer swimwear available for men and women.

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Our Favorite Designer Swimwear Brands

At Buyma, we have a wide variety of swimwear from many different brands available, from sporty and casual brands to luxe, top-of-the line designers. That’s because we know that every shopper has a different style, from classic to glam to sexy. And if you love following the latest fashion trends, your preferences likely even change from season to season. For this spring and summer seasons, the trend we’re loving is all-out-luxury. No matter your style, this is the year to treat yourself to the top-of-the line version of it. Some of our favorite designer swimwear brands include Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein.

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Fendi Swimwear

We can’t help but think of the 90s (in the best nostalgic way) when we consider Fendi’s swimwear. Though Fendi offers a variety of styles, from bikinis to one-pieces, there’s something wonderfully minimal that all the different style options share. And, if you’re also “less is more” when it comes to color, we definitely recommend Fendi. All of these designer suits tend to share a neutral color palette of mostly dark browns and blacks. But trust us—just because this designer swimwear is on the simple side of things doesn’t make it any less luxurious.

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Louis Vuitton Swimwear

Where Fendi is on the more minimal side of swimsuits, Louis Vuitton is a bit louder. And that’s why we had to include it as a swimsuit brand to shop for on Buyma. Lots of the swimsuits listed and available to buy on Buyma are bright, bold, and with fun details—like a bright gradient color palette or hints of gold hardware. So if you like you to make a statement with your beach or pool attire, check out Buyma’s Louis Vuitton swimwear listings.

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Calvin Klein Swimwear

Luxury? Fendi and Louis Vuitton definitely check those boxes. But what if you’re a little more sporty and casual—but still enjoy the brand recognition? Then Calvin Klein is the swimsuit designer for you. And you’re in luck—Buyma has listings for a variety of Calvin Klein swimwear styles, from bandage-esque two-pieces, to sporty-yet-sexy one-pieces.

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