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Featuring an eclectic mix of both masculine and feminine elements, Celine's Cruise 2020 collection perfectly blended details for every woman. Boy meets girl meets boy again. That's what the assortment resembled. Starting with the boyishly-cut blazer, the collection was off to a classic start. But this wasn't just any blazer—the boxy fit was perfect for the less-is-more mentality of today's woman. Leave something to the imagination.
Additional pieces highlighted in the mini collection included several ruffle-neck tops, which dripped with romantic vibes. These button-down shirts juxtaposed the masculine feel of a dress shirt with the girly nature of ruffles and frills. Paired with details such as floral motifs, eyelet, and bows, these tops were the half of the collection leaning toward delicacy.
On the flip side were the more tailored, masculine-inspired pieces, including basic t-shirts, pinstripes, and denim-on-denim. Each look blended the two components, resulting in a harmonized look that's oh-so modern. High-waisted jeans paired with sneakers gave the show a cool, casual feel.
Not to be outdone by the clothing was the accessories. Slimane made sure that accessories featured front and center for each look, with careful, strategic choosing for maximum style. One of his most notable selections for this show were the ID bracelets, featuring a chain link band and ID plate at the center. In today's world of personalized fashion, the ID bracelet is as popular as ever.
We all love a little arm candy, but thankfully chains weren't limited to the wrists alone. Dainty chain necklaces gave the looks a sweet feel, and challenged the boldness of some of the more masculine pieces. Try pairing one of these chains with a statement leather jacket for a look that says "a little bit rebel, a little bit lady." With Celine's 2020 Cruise collection, you can be both.
Finishing out the accessories roundup were simple stud earrings and gold-rimmed aviator shades. Both eternally classic and chic, these little touches gave each look an effortlessly cool look. For the woman who has travel on the brain, this year's collection has a little bit of everything. The garments boasted supreme comfort and style, all while lending themselves to the practicality of globetrotting.
Celine's customer is one who appreciates high fashion without flaunting it. True to the brand, Slimane managed to show a collection that screams luxury in the quietest way possible. Whether one considers it couture or not is debatable. But what is not questioned is the level of sophistication in this collection—something that Slimane has mastered quite well.
So listen up, trendsetters! If you're looking for a brand to take your wardrobe to the next level, look no further than Celine. Presented this past July in Paris, the brand's artistic director, Hedi Slimane, successfully did what others find so challenging: give the label a makeover—for the better. So go ahead, reach for those high-waisted jeans. Throw on a ruffled floral blouse, and top it with a boyfriend blazer. Easy style has never looked better.

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Staying true to its concept of "less but excellent", CELINE crafts timefeless pieces that are modern, clean-cut and elegant, from quality materials that last a lifetime. Collection after collection, the French fashion house plays on beautiful contrasts: feminine yet masculine, dramatic shoulders with small waists, crisp trousers and flowy hems. While at a glance, CELINE items may seem minimalistics and basic, with more careful attention, one can see that each piece has an element of innovative surprise. This attention to detail is something the brand prouds itself and it is what its fans, who are stylish working women, yearn for. Comfortable and wearable are also the key to CELINE designs; while being luxurious and high-fashion, every item on the runway can be imagined worn by everyday women.

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