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Established by the revolutionary legend Gabrielle Coco Chanel, the luxury fashion house has been a long-standing icon in the ever-evolving industry. The luxurious brand is known for its simplistic elegant pieces that stand the test of time. Coco's signature pieces such as tweed suit skirts and quilted handbags still remain as the centerpieces of the brand. However, another significant figure, Karl Lagerfeld, has worked his magic onto the brand by adding personality to CHANEL. His touch of edginess, humor, fantasy, sexines and sophistication is obvious at each collection; every year, Lagerfeld pushes the industry with his fusion of fantasy with timeless fashion pieces.

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Coco's love for pearls been preserved over the years, though have evolved into beautifully luxurious creations encrusted in pearls and diamonds. Many feature the iconic CC logo, exuding pure elegance.

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