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When it comes to accessories, Christian Dior’s famous words always ring true: “An elegant woman should never do without.” Founded in 1946, the Dior fashion house has been on the forefront of fashion, fragrance and beauty for nearly 75 years, setting trends and rewriting the rules of style and class. Whether you're searching for iconic accessories, such as a CD Buckle Belt or one of their Dior Signature Scarves, this house of fashion is definitely a must-have in the world of luxury goods.

Over many years, Christian Dior has consistently released a variety of must-have accessories that cater to both men and women alike. One of the most iconic pieces of recent days is the Dior Oblique Saddle Belt Bag, a new classic emblazoned with the iconic CD logo that has graced the likes of influencers and celebrities alike. For the more minimalist, the Lady Dior and J'ADIOR smartphone cases are the perfect addition to any accessory collection. For a quick outfit upgrade, the Dior Light Cannage Shawl is a great choice that will easily coordinate with any outfit.

Christian Dior

Hailing from the seaside of Normandy, France, Christian Dior began his namesake fashion house in 1946. The following year he was already presenting at Paris Fashion Week. After WWII, Dior unabashedly produced yards of clothing lush with padding, corsets, and silhouettes that blossomed from the body like flowers which, unlike wartime styles, were not stiff, boxy, and constricted by fabric rations. Dior became a name which would always be known as cutting-edge, state-of-the-art… the “new style.” Classic, but innovative, Dior attracts many as enthusiastic fans around the world, including Madonna and Nicole Kidman.

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