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Summer is here, and boy is it groovy. Fendi's Spring/Summer 2020 collection hit all the high notes of a summer festival, all while remaining true to the core principles of the iconic brand. With a 1970s flair, the collection undoubtedly took inspiration from a decade of fun, prints, and bohemian style.
Among the prominent trends were prints, prints, and more prints. Known for its bold use of patterns, Fendi stuck with this vision in the new collection. Psychedelic prints were at the forefront, featuring loud colors and bold designs. Floral prints were also a common theme, mixing a stunning palette of pastels perfect for summer.
Muted tones encompassed much of the collection, with browns and tans reigning supreme among the looks. Subtle pops of color added visual interest in a modest way. But overall, the assortment of garments was an obvious throwback to the 1970s in terms of design and color.
Common themes and trends woven throughout the show included the use of classic materials such as organic washed cotton and rich brown suede. Cotton tops and blouses, as well as denim, gave a sense of easy comfort, while the suede wrap dresses and trench coats added an element of sophistication and refinement. Quilted jackets and skirts added to the luxe feel of the collection, giving pieces an elevated richness.
Perhaps one of the more unique looks to make its way down the runway was the use of floral Lycra in details like shirt cuffs and collars, as well as a full floral Lycra robe jacket. Contrasted against the other more muted looks, these pops of floral tied into the bohemian feel, as well as the overall summer vision.
Not to be outdone were the accessories, which ranged from classic to new. Models paired stacked-heel slingback loafers with scrunched knee socks, an air of prep that balanced perfectly with the free spirit feel of the other pieces. Other shoes included peep-toe floral sandals for a feminine spin. Mini bags accompanied many of the looks, keeping in line with the current trend within the fashion industry.
As designer Silvia Venturini Fendi described, the collection was all about "Solar Flair." Having been involved with the brand for decades, this season marks a turning point following the sudden death of Karl Lagerfeld last year. While mostly associated with Chanel, his position at the helm of Fendi also concreted the brand into popular culture and turned it into a coveted label for many generations. Silvia's job was to follow the lasting legacy of Lagerfeld in an authentic manner, one she successfully achieved.
Fendi's Spring/Summer 2020 collection was a high point in Milan's fashion week, as the brand continues to ride the wave of popularity it's seen in recent years. With many famous faces in the front row, Fendi is firmly established as an "it" label for women of all ages. This collection, as a whole, showcased clothing that is both natural and versatile. The pieces were highly wearable, bringing a sense of ‘70s style to a new millennium.

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FENDI can be traced all the way back to 1925, when couple Adele and Edoardo Fendi opened their fur and leather goods shop in Rome, Italy. Not long after, when sound was introduced into film and a second wave of popularity swept over cinema, was fur also introduced into the film industry and Fendi's furs quickly became the symbol of cinematic glamour. In 1946, the five Fendi daughters joined the design team, building upon their family's traditional Italian craftsmanship with innovative design. Alongside Silvia Venturini Fendi (accessories and menswear Creative Director), Karl Lagerfeld joined the house as Creative Director for fur and RTW in 1965. Lagerfeld introduced "fun furs," revolutionizing the face of fur into something a little less overwhelming with prestige and a little more jovial and amusing; this resulted in the brand’s famous double-F monogram. And in the '90s, Fendi outdid itself again in the realm of cinema, with its "Baguette" bag debut on Sex and the City’s stylish independent female character, Carrie Bradshaw. Turning into the ubiquitous international “It bag,” there are over 1,000 variations in its design now. Modern day Fendi shows off their light sense of humor even more with their furry "bag bugs," a favorite accessory of celebrities and stylists alike.

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