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Hermes's definition of luxury is high quality craftsmanship that is apparent in every collection. This season, carefully crafted pieces include a pale pink maxi coat with full-length quilted lining and a navy patterned cape with dusty pink lining. The basis of the color palette is pale tones, paired with muted colors of the rainbow from warm to cool tones. Vanhée-Cybulski has incorporated a piece of Hermes' history, scarf prints from 60s & 70s to be exact, and mixed it with modern silhouettes. Quality is in the details and materials; double-buckle leather belts and shearling maxi vest coat, for example, lack glamour and glitz, yet exude an air of luxury that Hermes is known for.

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Perhaps the most exclusive luxury brand of all, Hermes is an epitome of pure craftsmenship that extends from fashion to lifestyle, sports and even motorcrafts. With its roots in handcrafted saddlery, the house still crafts most of their goods by hand to this day: hand-stitched bags, hand-drawn fabric designs, hand-welded hardware to name a few. The overall impression of Hermes' items is simple in its design, yet when looked at closely, every minute detail is done perfectly. It is a brand truly respected by everyone, both women and men, from celebrities to fashion-lovers. While many luxury fashion houses focus mainly on womenswear, Hermes provides equally beautiful and high quality goods for men. Veronique Nichanian, Artistic Director of Hermes' Mens Universe, has put out colorful ties, scarves and belts that have contributed to the brand's continued popularity.

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