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For women searching for the perfect balance between modernity and legacy, Hermes hits the nail on the head. At the brand's Spring/Summer 2020 runway show, lead designer Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski offered a glimpse into rich artisan heritage, while still remaining current for today's marketplace—not an easy task to achieve. In her five-year tenure, she's shown growth by bringing the brand into the public's conscious as more than just an accessories line.
Starting with a nod to craftsmen and women who create these stunning works of art, models strutted the runway in apron-inspired fashion. The clean lines and angular silhouettes cast a classic look. Following the apron pieces were a mix of styles ranging from peek-a-boo waist dresses, Pared-back tailored trouser suits, and even tunics over pants. Each piece represented the strong brand identity that has made Hermes one of the most coveted luxury brands known to man.
The S/S 2020 collection put minimalism at the forefront, choosing the highlight intricate details that gave each piece personality and visual interest. Saddle stitching was a common theme throughout the assortment, particularly on a beautiful black deerskin dress. Likewise, a basic top gets a fresh update with twisting, criss-cross straps in the back.
One of the most anticipated, and expected, elements of the show was the use of leather. As a high-end leather goods brand, Hermes is known for its use of the controversial material. Yet, Hermes really wouldn't be Hermes without it. While the company dominates in the accessories market thanks to buttery soft leathers and iconic handbags—Birkin or Kelly bag, anyone?—ready-to-wear is a whole other story.
Thankfully, Vanhee-Cybulski pulled off a gorgeous array of pieces that showcase the beauty of leather in all forms—including the use of leather elephant. Additional fabrics of choice included crisp leather-backed organdy and unique rectangular patchwork designs. Using largely monochromatic, earthy neutrals, the collection was the ideal mix of eternal Hermes staples and new, reimagined pieces.
In a day when women crave fashion and function, Hermes was able to deliver both. The garments oozed femininity in a powerful way, proving that women of all types and styles can pull off a strong look.
It's easy for a design house as established as Hermes to get lost in the sea of fast fashion and ever-changing times. Fashion isn't like it once was at the start of this luxury house, however, the S/S 2020 collection showed that the brand is able to keep up, evolve and meet the needs of its loyal customer base. In the end, Hermes will always remain at the top of the affluence list. From premium leather handbags to fine silk scarves, and now impeccable clothing, the brand offered tradition in a contemporary way.

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Perhaps the most exclusive luxury brand of all, Hermes is an epitome of pure craftsmenship that extends from fashion to lifestyle, sports and even motorcrafts. With its roots in handcrafted saddlery, the house still crafts most of their goods by hand to this day: hand-stitched bags, hand-drawn fabric designs, hand-welded hardware to name a few. The overall impression of Hermes' items is simple in its design, yet when looked at closely, every minute detail is done perfectly. It is a brand truly respected by everyone, both women and men, from celebrities to fashion-lovers. While many luxury fashion houses focus mainly on womenswear, Hermes provides equally beautiful and high quality goods for men. Veronique Nichanian, Artistic Director of Hermes' Mens Universe, has put out colorful ties, scarves and belts that have contributed to the brand's continued popularity.

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