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Set in front of a remarkable collection of sculptures, "The Cour Marly" at the Louvre, this autumn/winter collection featured city chic designs that were both approachable and luxurious. The models seemed as though they could walk off the runway and into the strees of Paris, in their high-waisted mini-skirts and structured winter jackets. However, it is still a collection from the largest luxury fashion house and this time, luxury laid in the material. Coats were in either super polished or textured aged leather and 'denim', or wool expertly painted to look like denim, was seen throughout the collection.

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Louis Vuitton

Best known for its iconic LV Monogram print, Louis Vuitton began in the luggage business, but has quickly expanded its product range to bags, clothing and accessories. Recently, the brand has been collaborating with many artists to create unique, over-the-top pieces that have been growing in popularity among younger generations and Chinese fans. On top of its luggages, Louis Vuitton has seen an increase in demand in other leather products such as handbags and wallets for its eye to quality and detail. Current Artistic Director of Women's collections at Louis Vuitton is Nicolas Ghesquière, who had previously been at Balenciaga. Carrying his edgy tastes from Balenciaga while incorporating Louis Vuitton's history in pattern-making and quality leather items, he has created a collection after collection that is an exquisite balance of sophistication and experimentation.

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