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Best known for its iconic LV monogram print, Louis Vuitton began in the luggage business in 1854, but has quickly expanded its product range to bags, clothing and accessories. Recently, the brand has been collaborating with many artists like fashion icon Grace Coddington to create unique, over-the-top pieces that have been growing in popularity among younger generations and Chinese fans. The company has also opened a new exhibition called “Louis Vuitton X” in Los Angeles that displays the French luxury house’s archives and collections that spans for over 160 years.

Nicolas Ghesquière became the artistic Director of Women's collections at Louis Vuitton in 2013, who had previously been at Balenciaga. Carrying his edgy tastes from Balenciaga while incorporating Louis Vuitton's history in pattern making and quality leather items, he has created collections that deliver an exquisite balance of sophistication and experimentation.

Jumping onto the athleisure trend, avant-garde designer Nicolas Ghesquière shocked the world with the debut of Archlight sneakers, a perennial favorite of young Hollywood celebrities like Jaden Smith and Hailey Baldwin who wear it on the red carpet and rock it on the streets of LA. For more conservative options, there are other leather tennis shoes that pair amazing with street clothes. Louis Vuitton has showcased some highly desired shoes and slides, with their ultra-sexy velvet platform heels that come with red bottoms, perfect for a stylish night out with friends or a glamorous event in the city.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has paved its way in the fashion industry, without compromising the brand’s long history of prioritizing traditional craftsmanship of its luxury leather goods, ready-to-wear Louis Vuitton clothing and other exclusive goods. With luxurious items from women’s Louis Vuitton clothing, Louis Vuitton logo handbags, shoes and accessories to men’s Louis Vuitton bags, clothing and shoes, our online Louis Vuitton store features an exclusive collection of men’s and women’s Louis Vuitton pieces.

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