What’s the Difference Between Air Jordan 1 Mid vs. High?

What's the Difference Between Air Jordan 1 Mid vs. High?
For a lot of sneakerheads, their Jordan 1’s are the crown jewel of their collection — and any shoe fanatic can see why. The original MJ shoes have a lot of history behind them, and belong to a brand so popular that they became iconic over the years. The two most popular silhouettes of the Jordan 1’s are the Mid and High Jordans. We’ll be diving into the unique features of each style, as we look at the differences between the two OG Jordans.

History of the Jordan 1

The Air Jordan 1 Highs were released in 1985 for $64.99, making it the most expensive basketball shoe on the market at the time. They sold well, especially as Micheal Jordan continued to cement himself as one of the greatest players in the NBA and one of the most celebrated athletes in the world. However, in order to make the shoe more accessible, the Air Jordan 1 Mids were released later in a variety of colors and styles and at a slightly lower price point. Nowadays, the shoes command high prices due to the long and respectable history behind the Jordan name and brand.

The High Lives Up to Its Name

While the two shoes share a namesake, their overall fit and look couldn’t be more distinct.

As you might expect, the High covers more of the ankle. The longer tongue and lining give the shoe a uniquely robust, strong look. The extra length makes it a great pairing with jeans (just tuck them into the shoe), and the larger size makes the swoosh pop like crazy. In terms of lace holes, the Air Jordan 1 High has 9.

The mid, on the other hand, has a slightly shorter trim and tongue. It’s more compact look makes it the sportier of the two shoes, and gives any outfit it’s paired with a slim and stylish aesthetic. Pair them with tighter fitting clothes for symmetry, and loose fitting clothes for some interesting contrast.

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Different Logos, Different Shoes

One of the biggest differences between the two silhouettes is something that any sneakerhead will notice immediately: the logos on the tongue. While the Jordan 1 Mids have the signature jumpman logo with A I R printed underneath, the Highs have the original Nike Air logo with the classic swoosh.

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Which Shoe Fits You?

As with any piece of an outfit, the best shoe is the one that fits your vibe. If you’re going for sporty and sleek, the mid is a fantastic choice. Wear them with long pants that go down to the lining, or with shorts to help accent the shoe.

The High is a great choice if you’re looking for a stockier, more loose look. It’s also the more popular of the two silhouettes, and commands greater prices (and respect from collectors). If you’re a dedicated sneakerhead, this is probably the shoe for you.

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