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Burberry's Classic Check Cashmere Scarf isn't the only option for dressing up your wintertime look. In fact, many luxury brands have extended their collections into winter gear. The pattern, color and material of the scarf should match your personal style preference and occasion. For everyday use to wear with a simple T-shirt and pair of denim, a multi-colored striped scarf from Paul Smith or reversable GUCCI monogram scarf may add enough accent to the look. If you're searching for a classic choice that is trend-proof, versatile and unobnoxious, Louis Vuitton, PRADA and VALENTINO all have a collection of black scarves, grey scarves and navy scarves with hints of subltle prints and logos that will pair well with your go-to suit. For those who need extra help in surviving the cold seasons, MONCLER's heavy-duty wool scarves and ultra-long Acne scarves won't let you down.

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