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What Are the Most Expensive Designer Swimsuit Brands?

Luxury often comes with a higher price tag—and it makes sense. Between the luxe fabrics, garment construction, and (often) exclusivity in nabbing the piece, the higher price makes sense. And swimwear is no exception. If you’re looking for that extra dose of luxury on your next beach or poolside vacation, look no further than this post, which takes deep dive into some of the most expensive designer swimsuit brands you can purchase. Keep reading to learn what the most expensive brands are—and see some of our favorite high quality picks from the luxurious designers.

What Are the Most Expensive Designer Swimsuit Brands?

The most expensive designer swimsuit brands include Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel, Dior, and Burberry. When you consider the price point for the clothing and accessories of all these designers, it makes sense that they’d all be considered some of the most expensive designer swimsuit brands you can buy. Keep reading to see some of the pieces you can purchase on Buyma—or head right to the swimwear page and explore for yourself.

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Louis Vuitton

Many luxury designer brands are recognizable by their logo or trademark prints—and Louis Vuitton is no exception. Both the classic LV and alternating block print are famous design elements of this high-end brand, particularly in their oversized (and often brown) leather handbags. And you can also find both of these famous design elements in their swimsuits, whether you’re looking for an exaggerated logo or a more subtle check print. Even the casual lover of fashion would know who designed these suits.

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Hermes may be known for its infamous Birkin bag (talk about limited supply!), but this luxury designer also has swimsuits and swimwear sure to appeal to those with expensive taste—whether you’re going for a sleek black one-piece or a statement bag for the beach. Just like with the Hermes Birkin bag, any swimsuit or swimwear accessory from this classic designer is sure to become a classic in your closet you cherish for years to come.

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Chanel is one of the most iconic luxury brands—if not the most iconic. With its long history and cherished founder (Coco Chanel) and prior creative director (Karl Lagerfeld), Chanel represents the epitome of luxury for many women. Which is why it’s no surprise that Chanel makes our list of the most expensive swimsuit brands. Try out a subtly branded Chanel swimsuit top—or go all out with head-to-toe swimwear and beachwear accessories.

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Christian Dior is a famous designer brand often associated with a classic and ladylike sense of style. It even has an iconic handbag silhouette called the Lady bag, after all. Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that there are old-school style influences in Dior’s luxury swimwear—like 50s-esque high-waisted bikini briefs.

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If there is one designer recognizable for its print and its print alone (with not a logo in sight!) it would have to be Burberry. This British fashion house may be known for its quintessential trench coats with plaid lining, but you can also find swimsuits in the iconic plaid print. Plaid might seem like a surprising choice for a swimwear print—but something about the classic print on the modern two-piece silhouette just works.

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As you can see, there are plenty of expensive designer swimsuit brands to tick the “luxury” checkbox next time you’re looking for that little extra glam for your swimwear. And Buyma has listings for not only these designer’s swimwear but also for other clothing and accessories. That way you can fill your closet (and your vacation suitcase!) with all the expensive designer brands in one place.
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