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Massimo Dutti 2021 SS Women's Dresses

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Massimo Dutti is part of the Inditex group founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera since 1985, with their offices in Barcelona, Spain. Originally created as a menswear label, it is an upscale sister brand to the globally successful fashion label ZARA and the fun and trendy fashion brand, Bershka, and has since expanded. Massimo Dutti added the women’s range in 1995, followed by accessories, fragrances, and even children’s wear, with shops in 66 countries worldwide and counting.

Using high-quality fabrics and delicate designs, Massimo Dutti has produced attractive luxury pieces which are great for daytime use at the office or an enjoyable night out. The brand keeps up with seasonal trends with their latest collection for women updated in various colors, textures and styles that are sought after by many fashionistas.

Stylish and practical, the brand’s flowing dresses, skirts and jumpsuits made with carefully chosen fabrics sourced from quality suppliers all over the world are designed to flatter various silhouettes for urban and cosmopolitan women. Their extensive line of dress styles come in animal print, beautiful patterns and modern lines, which can come with a tie belt that will perfectly finish a chic everyday ensemble for any woman on-the-go.

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Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti (part of the Inditex group) was founded in Spain 1985, originally as a menswear label. This upscale sister brand to ZARA has since expanded into womenswear, accessories, fragrances, and even childrenswear, with over 780 stores in 75 countries. Using high-quality fabrics and delicate designs, Massimo Dutti brings us attractive, luxury pieces which are great for daytime at the office or an enjoyable night out. Discover these iconic statement pieces and more in Massimo Dutti women’s apparel, men’s apparel, bags, and much more.

While originating as a menswear brand, in 1995 Massimo Dutti expanded into women’s fashion. Since then, Massimo Dutti has launched iconic staple fashion pieces that are elegant yet simple, catering to both men and women alike. In addition to its fashion forward stance, the brand also prides itself on their social responsibility, contributing to social rehabilitation and professional placement programs for those with mental/physical disabilities. Despite the Italian sounding name, Massimo Dutti is a trademark not a fashion designer, yet the brand alludes to the essence of European luxury fashion. Discover Massimo Dutti’s notable pieces including women’s outerwear, men’s clothing and suits, accessories and more on Buyma’s online shop. Find your next obsession from our collection of women’s and men’s Massimo Dutti shoes, high end clothing, accessories and more exclusive fashion items in Buyma’s online Massimo Dutti USA store with thousands of women’s and men’s items to explore.

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