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TOGA 2022-23FW

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In 1997 Japanese designer Yasuko Furuta snuck quietly into the international scene with her brand TOGA and has remained very much under the radar, a hidden gem to the masses. Furuta has a true aptitude for somehow making unconventional combinations work. Her feminine silhouettes are simultaneously hard-edged, adorned with weighty cowboy-esque silver hardware and deep colored jewels of the '80s. Mix in some Native American and Old Western motifs, thick velour strips of fabric sewn onto a delicate mesh body… small bows, paisley, patent leather, ruffles, reversible garments, high-waists, unordinary volume, layers, and slits… and you get TOGA. TOGA also has a few diffusion lines—TOGA PULLA, TOGA PICTA, and menswear line, TOGA VIRILIS. Apart from its Tokyo flagship store, there are only a limited number of stockists around the world carrying this rare but genius Japanese brand, so those who are in the know about Furuta always have a field day whenever they come across her work.

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