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Collection - FENDI


    When taken a look of the inside, this model will definitely offer a suprise at how high the quality is of the material and design. It is a popular bag for its elegant single handle and conservative look. The bag can be closed by turning the palladium plated lock with one hand.


    Comes in endless combinations of color, material and pattern, the BAGUETTE is a small size handbag that is rectangular like baguette. Every model features the FF logo buckle and detachable shoulder strap.


    A small boston bag introduced in 2014, the BY THE WAY offers an elegant elongated shape with 2 very short handles. It can also be held on the shoudler, as it comes with a convenient shoulder strap. The material of the bag is calfskin taken from less than 6-month-old calves, which provides a soft touch to the hand and is much more durable in terms to fading than regular leather.


    Made its debut in womens as the brand's first ever character. Angery, sad, smug...the fur bag charms come in all types of expressions and have been added on not only bags, but also shoes and jewelry.


    STRAP YOU is a shoulder strap that attaches to any FENDI bags. Can act as a pop of color to a simple handbag or provide cohesion to a same colored bag, the piece adapts to any outfits or scenes.


    There are 2 versions of the FOREVER: Boston bag and Mama bag. The FOREVER Boston Bag is a decent sized satchel made of a coated logo-jacquard material that is accented with a lock to keep any belongings secure. On the other hand, the Mama Bags are a shoulder-bag version of the FOREVER model, embellished with a FENDI logo buckle snap closure and interchangeable shoudler strap.


    The SELLERIA is a model that is often seen in colllaborations with other models from FENDI, such as the LEI SELLRIA. It changes any model into a much more relaxed version, as the SELLERIA changes the shape to one that dips in the middle, giving a more casual yet elegant impression.

  • 2 JOURS

    Originally designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi for the Fall 2012 collection, the splendid, sophisticated new Fendi 2Jours bag has been introduced into the main collection and reissued in special editions for the Milan runways. Its versatility and enduring style is reflected in the name—a play on the dualism concept each Fendi design embodies—the number 2 and the French adverb "toujours," which means "always."

  • KAN I

    The feature of the Kan I is the contrast beween the square shape of the body and the femine touch of the studs. It is a fabulous design with an extremely girly details with the bows and ribbons, with an edgy touch.


    An emboldened basic, this Fendi hobo features striped canvas with an injection of color on the strap. Subtle logo prints and engravings herald the bag's exclusive Italian provenance.


    KARLITO was created in celebration of the legendary designer Karl Lagerfield's 50th anniversary as a creative director for FENDI Women's Collection. The close resemblance to Karl and its colorful fur makes this a popular item to add on any accessories.

  • LEI

    Its short handle with the 2-way zip fastening that curves makes it a very modern piece. Functionality is also excellent, as the shoulder is adjustable and detachable. The material is made of calfskin that is very soft to the touch and gives off an elegant look.

  • 3JOURS

    A new and improved version of the 2JOURS, the 3JOURS solved the issue of the pain of holding a heavy bag, a con of a functional bag that can offer a lot of storage with its wide gussets, by attaching a shoulder strap that relieves some of the weight.


    The bag is a chamelion, as it changes expression through various combinations of material, color, angles and scenes. The uniquness lies in its soft silouette, createed by the outstanding craftsmanship and material that the brand is known for. The interior is separated into two sections, providing both elegant design and storage.


    Can be distiguinshed by its soft smooth leather and boxy-shape, the DOTCOM's uniqueness lies in its fascinating functionality. It comes with a removable clutchbag that, when put inside the handbag itself, can be seen from the small dot on the outside, hence the name "DOTCOM".

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