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Brand Profile
Brand Profile

Belgian designer Martin Margiela graduated from the distinguished Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp a year before the Academy’s fashion collective Antwerp Six was formed. In 1988 he founded Maison Martin Margiela––a brand which has made a name for itself as being one of collectiveness and anonymity. Even with the Maison's growing fame, Mr. Martin Margiela himself took a more humble approach to fame; he was sure to keep himself incognito and focus attention instead on the clothes. The clothes––as reserved as the designer himself––with their non-abrasive, neutral color pallets, deconstructed and unfinished aesthetics, give customers the liberty to paint them with their own personalities. Even the brand’s garment labels create the illusion of being as absent as they are present. The fashion world has always counted on Maison Martin Margiela to bring this ironic sense of recognizable anonymity into our wardrobes. In 2014 John Galliano assumed position of Creative Director and the brand’s name was changed to Maison Margiela; the Margiela mask slowly becomes unveiled...

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